Discovering half-brothers and sisters

Have you discovered a half-brother or sister? Or do you suspect that you might have a half-sibling somewhere?

I’ve just received an email from a producer from a TV company who is looking for people who have recently discovered or suspect that one of their parents had other children. Maybe you have a story to tell?

Have you discovered half-brothers and sisters you didn’t know existed?

Have you discovered half-siblings whilst researching your family history? Maybe your mum or dad had, or has, another partner and children you never knew about? Perhaps you’ve recently found out you have a half-brother or sister and you’re trying to find them?

We are looking for people to help with research for a sensitive TV documentary for a leading broadcaster. We would be interested to speak to you about what it is like to discover half brothers and sisters, and what this means to you.

If you can help, or would just like to know more, please email Please be assured that all conversations are strictly confidential.

Thank you.

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