INFOGRAPHIC: My birth, marriage, and death certificate buying habits

An infographic showing how I split my attention and money on birth, marriage, and death certificates. The results of this were a complete surprise.

Turns out, I love death certificates, and spend most of my money using certificates to research my father’s family side. Who knew!?

BMD infographic

The Cross family infographic

The Cross family infographic – sharing stats based descendants from Thomas Cross and his wife Ann of 17th Century Ely, Cambridgeshire, England, including family members who emigrated to Australia in the 19th Century.

Riding on the back of the success of my previous (and first) infographic for The Barber family, which provided me with my most popular (traffic-wise) post ever on this blog, and a terrific amount of Facebook shares, here’s my second one featuring my Cross family.

The family are predominantly based within Cambridgeshire, but the data also includes a the many that emigrated to Australia in the mid-nineteenth century.

The Cross family infographic

POLL: At what age were you when you started your family tree/genealogy research?

POLL: At what age were you when you started your family tree/genealogy research?

I fall outside of the reader demographic for most genealogy magazines, as well as the demographic of genealogy websites. So, I was wondering at what age you first started your family tree/genealogical research?

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