Video: What’s Up Genealogy – Episode 11 with Andrew Martin

Catch up with my interview on episode 11 of the What’s Up Genealogy? show.

Last night I was the guest on What’s Up Genealogy? show – broadcast live via Google Hangout Air and streamed straight through to YouTube.

The show is hosted on US Central Time from Texas, meaning that whilst the show goes out each Friday at 8pm, for me here in the UK on BST this was a 2am slot. Fuelled entirely on extra strong tea, I was able to take part. I might even have been coherent – i’ll let you be the judge…

Presented by professional genealogist Caroline Pointer, and in the company of regular expert panel members Linda McCauley, Tessa Keough, Jerry Kocis and Gena Philibert-Ortega, I joined the panel to talk genealogy news and tips before going under the spotlight.

We covered the ‘controversial’ subject of the death of Ancestry Old Search – a topic that flared up on social media immediately after it was announced (check out Dick Eastman’s article on it). We also talked about the death of Google Reader and the rise of Feedly, and I talked about the importance of family/local history societies.

Let me know what you think. You can catch the rest of the episodes over at the show’s YouTube channel.

Interview on What’s Up Genealogy? Live show this Friday

Andrew Martin will be interviewed live on Friday 8pm CDT for episode 11 of What’s Up Genealogy? show.

I’ll be beaming live on Friday/Saturday, as I take part in a live video interview with the What’s Up Genealogy? show.

What's Up Genealogy? advert

I’m really looking forward to it, having watched the show evolve from it’s weekly 20 min format of its first episode, through to last week’s episode (over 1 hour, episode 10, and the first of its second series).

Led by Caroline Pointer of, and packed with tips, news, and a mighty slice of tech, I’ll be joining Caroline and fellow panelists Tessa Keough, Linda McCauley, Jerry Kocis, and Gena Philibert-Ortega to talk about researching genealogy, including my experiences of doing that in the UK.

You can catch it live at 8pm CDT tomorrow/2am BST Saturday, or watch it on YouTube afterwards, by going to the What’s Up Genealogy? show channel.

For a taster of what to expect, here’s last week’s episode, with guest Tina Lyons.

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