Wicken Methodist Church

Wicken Methodist Church has some names engraved on its foundation stones. Who was ‘H Bishop’?

Wicken Methodist Church
I’ve been asked to research one of the names on a foundation stone laid in 1910/1911 during the construction of Wicken Methodist Church, which is located on the High Street of this Cambridgeshire village.

Yesterday I headed off on the short 12 mile trip to Wicken to take some photographs of the Church and to see the stone for itself.

The stone reads:

“Laid in memory of H. Bishop by his grandchildren”.

There is also reference to a Mr J Bailey too – another of my ancestral names from this village, but for now, ‘H Bishop’ is my focus.

I think I’ve worked out who it was (no spoilers yet until I’m a bit more certain), but I’m now off to the Cambridgeshire Collection in Cambridge’s newly refurbished Central Library to wade through some 1910/1911 editions of the local newspapers. Hopefully I’ll find reference to the stone laying and also to the opening of the church.

The church celebrates its centenary in May 1911.

I’ll report back soon!