It’s All In The Name

Now there are some seriously odd names around aren’t there? Peaches Geldof, Apple Martin, Princess Tiaamii Andre, Blanket Jackson and Moon Unit. These are all names of celebrity offspring but it’s not just modern-day children who have fallen foul of odd sounding names.

Here’s a few of my favourite/oddest sounding names from my own family:

I know that you can probably do better, so leave your REAL ancestor names (with links?) in the comments section.

About Andrew Martin

+Andrew Martin is owner and lead writer for History Repeating and Family Tree UK. Genealogist, historian, writer, photographer and would-be archaeologist. He'd love a time machine, but worries that it might take all the fun out of it.
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2 Responses to It’s All In The Name

  1. John Brightley says:

    Hi Andrew
    I have one name for you – Tamar Donnison.
    It is a female bc1858 and on my mother’s side of the family – i.e. not on the Brightley tree.
    Tamar married into my maternal family in Derbyshire but -here is a connection to your part of the world – she was born in Lynn, Norfolk.
    Considering Lynn’s maritime connections I wonder if she is of Scandinavian descent – what do you think?

  2. John Gasson says:

    My favourites in my own family tree are triplets Faith, Hope and Charity TROWER, born in Henfield, Sussex on the 15th September 1832. They are my 4x great-aunts.

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